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If you can't stand the heat ... #ASAE12

Friday, August 10, 2012

Yep its going be hot at ASAE's 2012 Annual Meeting where the temperatures in Dallas are in the triple digits. While everyong is lamenting the heat, I say bring it on!

You see the real heat that I feel is the fire at my feet: how do better serve my members so they stick with the association? It's that fire tickling my toes that is getting me moving - moving to find new ideas, new technologies, new conference and meeting agendas, new learning options ... new, different, innovative ...

So, my mission at #ASAE12 is to find all those programs that will make me a just a little uncomfortable, where I can find those different ideas and different ways of thinking. I know when I do, I feel the heat - and that will fuel my passion to serve my members better.

Top on my list:

1- Attend the Conversations That Matter session on Rebuilding the Volunteer Spirit. It's Sunday 1:45pm in Rm D167 and yes I am co-faciliating with Lynda Patterson adn Pamela Green. But this wont be a comfortable session. We're challenging the way associations manage and organize volunteers. Stop by!

2- Check out the creative learning options including the Mobile Playground, Wisdom While You Walk and the Flash Learning sessions. Let's get away from those chairs and lectures.

3- Attend a few pre-conference activities including the Executive Management Section Council where I begin my year as vice-chair. This volunteer gig will stretch my skills and I say - bring it on!

4- Try to do this whole gig using just a smart phone and an iPad - and turning those off liberally!

And you ... how will you turn up the heat??


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