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To Plan or Not To Plan - Maybe Just Do It

Saturday, September 6, 2008

The debate goes on – on Acronym, in blogs, across phone lines and even across desks. The debate is about strategic planning. I guess we’re largely debating because it’s more fun than doing a strategic plan.

Of all the comments and blog postings I have to point out Lindy Dreyer’s. First I loved her riveting attention to 'moribund' – the adjective used to describe strategic planning by Patti Digh (and by the way read their posting Why Experiential: Beyond the Abstract to the Embodied for an excellent view on change) and secondly because of her statement: "In my experience, organizations don't evolve when they have a strategic plan. Organizations evolve when the people within the organization act differently." Do we need strategic plans to act differently? Or should we follow Nike’s advice and just do it.


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