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Examining The Mission Driven Volunteer

Monday, August 12, 2013 - 12:59pm

I spend most of my work day working with the chapter volunteers in the four associations we manage. When I’m not working with my management clients, I am often conducting training workshops for chapter and component volunteers for other national organizations. Add to this mix, that I formally accepted the chair position for ASAE’s Executive Management Section Council where I’ll be leading a group of 25 volunteers.

So you can certainly say that I am immersed in the association volunteer world – a world in which the cry of frustration is deafening. There’s frustration in finding, keeping, matching, training and optimizing volunteers.

This is a major driver behind just-released white paper, The Mission Driven Volunteer. My co-author Elizabeth Weaver Engel, CAE, of Spark Consulting, and I believe strongly that the response to this cry is to re-imagine volunteerism. To shed the vestiges of traditional volunteer roles and regulations. To embrace micro-volunteering and adhocracy. To define volunteerism not by titles but by contributions to the mission.

Elizabeth and I will be blogging this week about key points in the white paper but you can skip to the chase and download it now for free at

Our blogging is really to get you all talking and commenting – so please join us in making this a conversation!


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