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The List: Micro & Ad hoc Volunteer Jobs in Associations

Saturday, May 2, 2015 - 3:24pm

Looking for a list of jobs that can offer members micro and ad hoc volunteering? We're curating a list right here! If you have a job to add, add a comment or send it to info[at]

Connecting with Members:

  • Provide professional advice
  • Provide mentoring, coaching, tutoring for members
  • Recruit a member
  • Get out the vote – share the buzz to drive member voting (SCTE)
  • Day of Service – encourage member to volunteer in their community

Sharing Knowledge:

  • Writing reviews for books
  • Guest blogger or contributor
  • Speak or present a paper
  • Participate in expert panel or report
  • Moderate or facilitate discussion groups (list serv, e-community)
  • Review proposals for conferences or projects
  • Review paper or proposal for publication
  • Review research, conduct literature search/review
  • Analyze data
  • Submit paper or manuscript for publication
  • Write proposals/grant applications or business plans
  • Review accreditation or certification applications
  • Prepare backgrounder for regulators, press, or other publics
  • YouTube Tuesdays - members share tips & information via short video clips (NCURA)


  • Raise funds
  • Testify or present on behalf of the association to legislative or regulatory body
  • Contact your representative
  • Campus liaison (or company or large institutional member)

Sharing Input:

  • Participate as test audience for videos, training programs et al
  • Product tester
  • Beta-test products, website, tests
  • Rating conference session proposals/potential topics
  • Survey respondent

Curating Content:

  • Record a discussion at a session round table
  • Video-tape or take pictures for association event
  • Provide live Twitter chatter during meetings
  • Create social media page (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)

Events (perfect for your components!):

  • Greeters – welcome attendees and direct them toward registration, coat check, seating, and so on
  • Front desk – check in attendees when they arrive
  • Set-up and tear-down – arrive early or stay late to help with assembly and disassembly of the event space
  • Social media guides – at computer stations, help attendees log in to LinkedIn and join the organization's group
  • Photo, video, and blogging – capture the essence of the event in a lot of different ways, then feed to the web team what should be shared on the web

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