11 ways to help chapters avoid (or handle) a crisis

Sit back and enjoy this webinar where we decode crises we see (and feel) in chapters. We cover all kinds of troublesome scenarios, from chapter financial mismanagement, fraud, and cybersecurity attacks to AWOL or unprepared chapter officers and everything in between.

Your association’s approach to chapter crisis management and prevention depends entirely on your relationship with your components – in terms of both structure (subsidiary or independent) and your connection. While this webinar assumes chapters are subsidiaries, a situation that brings more risk to National and supposedly provides more control. Even if your components are independent, you (and your chapters) will benefit from this advice. Join us for some tips and best practices to help handle (or hopefully avoid) your next chapter crisis!

View the session recording and download the to share with your colleagues. In addition, below are some resources that we promised to provide.

Webinar Resources: