2017 New Idea Search: #4 Shift the Board’s Conversation

One barrier to implementing new ideas can be a board. Not a piece of wood (although at this point many of us have a similar picture in our mind), but our board of directors. That’s why I delighted in reading Mark Athitakis’s post on how a shift in conversation can have a domino effect.

While Mark wrote “A Small Scale Approach to Big Picture Strategy” in 2013 and frankly I’ve counseled other association execs on similar strategy, I’m going to look anew at this strategy for 2017. what offers a look at a remarkably simple fix (albeit , but there’s some interestingly complicated maneuvering going on behind it.

I will likely use as my discussion template ASAE’s “The Habits of Highly Effective Boards” (the related book “What Makes High Performing Boards” is a must-read).

Let the dominos fall …

As I look (unearth like this 2013 idea) new ideas, I’m sharing them … here are a few others:

Idea #1: Active Orientation

Idea #2: Member Year In Review

Idea #3: Chapter
Mash-up for Young Pros