2017 New Idea Search: #5 Out–Resolutions/In–Questolutions

Whaaat? Well researchers have confirmed what we all know to be true: we don’t keep resolutions. Shift from statements to questions, and the results are far better.  Add a twist: if we adopted the principal of phrasing our association’s problems or challenges as questions, might we improve our success record?

Dubbed the ‘question-behaviour effect,’ this phenomenon finds that asking questions regarding a subject will influence future decisions. “Will YOU stick to your New Year’s resolutions?” lays out the research like this

  • Asking questions is a more effective method in keeping up with resolutions
  • A question will prompt psychological response, influencing later decisions
  • Technique was found to influence behaviour more than six months later

Emily Bratcher applies this to a common challenge for associations: finding non-dues revenue in her AssociationsNow post “4
Ideas for 2017 Nondues Revenue Resolutions.”

Taking in broader, imagine you are frustrated with your chapters, could these questions change the conversation?

  • What is the least restrictive structure (or set of policies & procedures) needed to deliver member value at the chapter (or community level)? This may lead to loosening requirements that have been troublesome for chapters and for staff.
  • How do we measure performance – not activity but true outcomes? This could shift how you apply time and resources.
  • In what ways can we connect with members who don’t get to meetings? This could lead to chapters becoming more engaging, more successful.

In 2017, let’s spend more time on crafting the questions than on stating the problem.

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