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What made the Buzz2009 experience special?

If you were in the room …

@MissLynn13 Btw #buzz2009 attendees got free samples of the new Starbucks instant coffee. w00t! I like feeling special & exclusive. 😉

And now the big Kindle giveaway…only for someone in the room. #buzz2009 & @elcalienteThank you #Buzz2009 for the Kindle DX. I’m trying to figure it out. Any suggestions?

@SBoSM And off to happy hours where your name tag gets you drinks. #buzz2009

If you weren’t …

Your Virtual Seat at Buzz2009
Bonus Video Post to NCE Social Media blog
#BUZZ2009 on Twitter

For all, the story aha’s, insights, advice like:

Aha’s …

@MissLynn13 The less often you tweet, the more you should try to utilize hashtags to be found in searches. #buzz2009

@Jeffhurt @BeforeShot Yeah, wthashtag.com is gr8 4 printing a transcript of chats, conferences, events, etc that use a hashtag & #buzz2009 was cool 2

Insights …

@guykawasaki If you try using Tweetchat during #buzz2009 you won’t have to refresh the screen. Great tool for monitoring!

@ewengel  closing thoughts: living case study on SocialFish blog, room full of assoc peeps (not socmed peeps), community is key to WOM #buzz2009

@JeffHurt I like to call it b4, during & after event. use conference content to extend community experience for all members. #buzz2009

@LocalManagers  #Buzz2009 tip: iMacs saved Apple by creating buzz about their colors; not comp stats. Is there buzz when budget #s mean parks, schools…?

Advice …

@MissLynn13 I think the SocialFish are really great about giving people fun things to talk about. <3 the nametags for #buzz2009

@MissLynn13 “Make people feel exclusive & they will talk” – Making people feel exclusive w/o excluding can be an issue for Associations. #buzz2009

@ewengel  idea one: add “Tell a friend” capabilities everywhere #buzz2009 (you need to read her whole series!)

@thorpus too many choices paralyzes people – advice from @guykawasaki was to reduce choices

@deirdrereid: Associations – be the social media coach for your members. #buzz2009

Great recaps beginning to come in on all fronts …

Gas Pedal Live From SmartBrief’s panel 
Jeff Hurt’s Buzz 2009 Hive Waggle Dance For Meeting Planners: The Living Conference

So, the stories behind the conference how are they ending?

Well, it’s safe to say – they aren’t! Remember the Never Ending Story from your childhood? But let’s watch and find out …