Providing Micro-volunteering options is more than nice, its a critical if you want to build your organization’s volunteer muscle, scout new talent and engage the busy boomer, the elusive Xer and the expressive millennial. Let’s say you get that you get it (if not, read A Checklist for an Energetic Volunteer Workforce), but you’re not sure how to “do” it. Here’s one approach based on a chapter or component key volunteer job.

Volunteers for all types of organizations are asking for change – change in how they volunteer, when they can volunteer and where they volunteer. They are asking for flexibility in their volunteering. Organizations that are responding are doing so by re-imaging their volunteer program.

Exploring how to re-imagine your volunteer program to embrace the micro-volunteering. From a session at ASAE 2016 MM&C.

Let’s tell the truth about volunteers. We know through research and practice that volunteering is changing but even the trends toward micro and virtual volunteering don’t change many truths.

What’s on your 2016 list of resolutions (you have 16 days to ponder)?
Will it be to do something innovative with your volunteer workforce?

Supercharging your volunteer engagement takes, well, a commitment. A
commitment to embracing a vibrant volunteer program that recognizes
today’s volunteer’s challenges. Mariner and Whorton Marketing & Research are currently leading an ASAE Foundation study on Achieving Mutually Beneficial Volunteer Relationships which will provide data and insight on effective programs (contact us if you want more information or to participate!). In the meanwhile, we do know some of the answer.

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