More than 150 association pros representing some 100 associations with responsibility around member components gathered to explore how to leverage chapters at the second annual Component Exchange last month. There’s so much to report so we’ll start here with a few take-aways. (1) Map the journey There are many intersections in the member journey where […]

One of the most talked about sessions at 2018 PRSA Maryland Conference held on June 12 featured four top thought leaders on influencer communications. On stage we had three influencers, two of whom are also in the PR/Communications profession, and an influencer strategist. The panel discussion highlighted that PR professionals are well positioned to leverage […]

What do trends in streaming services and TV purchases have to do with chapters? Well maybe we should say member components rather than chapters. And the answer is provide an important lesson.

According to Inc., “Websites like Meetup have created an entire sub-industry for events. While most are small local gatherings that don’t generate revenue for any particular brand, some are growing in size and significance.

Don’t you love experiments? Don’t you really love when someone else is in charge and gives you a front row seat to both participate and learn? It seems that 2017 might be ASAE‘s year for playing that role.

Hi blog readers! A bit red face here at Mariner because we’ve been neglecting this blog a bit. Not because we don’t have anything to say trust me, we have plenty to say – but because like most of you, we’ve been busy as bees. Between flying back and forth across the county (mostly Peggy) and driving back and forth from PA (mostly Peter), not to mention several big projects (Peggy & Peter), we’ve been a bit crazy here.

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