Associations stand at a crossroads. We have more types and greater
amounts of data readily available to us than ever before, and the cost
of the tools needed to process all that data has declined dramatically.
In fact, the combination of data and tools available in 2014 should
allow us to move beyond the standard operational dashboards we’ve been
using for years and get to the “good stuff,” where we can start asking
the kinds of meaningful, mission-driven questions that allow us to use
data to inform our decisionmaking processes. But how?

When you discover a new tech tool, do you sign right up? Sit back and wait? Shake your head? More than 130,000 new apps hit mobile platforms every month, and thousands of new startups target us with ads…all promising to be the best tech you’ve ever used. And the subconscious way you approach new tech […]

Organizations of ALL types – for-profit and tax-exempt, national headquarters and chapters – have been talking about digital transformation for many years, yet association efforts continue to lag.

If the pandemic this past year taught us one thing, it is that local chapters are definitely still relevant. Chapters have been essential contributors to our association’s bottom line delivering member value via education, volunteering, and networking.

The shift to virtual has placed an even greater emphasis on the importance of leveraging technology at the local level.

“…policies designed ‘to preserve all pre-COVID jobs and employment relationships could prove quite costly’ because they ‘are analogous to policies that prop up dying industries and failing firms.’” Covid-19 Is Also a Reallocation Shock (Becker Friedman Institute Report referenced by George Will – Washington Post – 5/27/20) The coronavirus and ensuing economic lockdown have created […]

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