At CEX 18, we heard from many association execs that they needed to do something different for their components (chapters, affiliates, regions, etc.). They were facing groups struggling to find volunteers, having difficulty filling seats at events and failing to get basic – yet important – administrative tasks completed. Others said they just wanted a […]

I caught up with two media experts for a chat about a deep dive PRSA Maryland workshop on the Do’s & Don’ts of a TV Interview, which was held on September 28, 2018. Debra Schindler is currently the Regional Director of Media and Public Relations, MedStar Health; however, her career started in journalism. Debra launched […]

One of the most talked about sessions at 2018 PRSA Maryland Conference held on June 12 featured four top thought leaders on influencer communications. On stage we had three influencers, two of whom are also in the PR/Communications profession, and an influencer strategist. The panel discussion highlighted that PR professionals are well positioned to leverage […]

Don’t you love experiments? Don’t you really love when someone else is in charge and gives you a front row seat to both participate and learn? It seems that 2017 might be ASAE‘s year for playing that role.

In August, a good friend and colleague sent me her latest white paper to read. I scanned it then (yes Elizabeth I did!) but it’s taken till now for me put time aside to really read it. I did. And now I want to compel you too. Do you want to believe in associations ability to change the world? Do you want to help be part of innovating education for all?

High on the list of things we too often burden our chapter leaders with is adopting complicated rules and procedures. One example? “Chapters should follow Robert’s Rules of Order for all meetings.”

Ok, Truth or Dare … you’ve never actually run a chapter or committee meeting in full Robert’s have you?

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