A common theme I hear from chapters across associations is no one wants to volunteer. The counter to this statement is the 58% of the non-volunteering members in an ASAE Foundation study said they were interested in being more engaged. Given the context of the question which was on volunteering and accepting the premise that […]

I was leaving the gym this morning when I encountered a trio on the elevator. The young man looking down at sandal-clad feet said to me “my mother has bunions too.” His mother immediately shushed him and turned to
apologize as I laughed and said and “she probably doesn’t like hers any more than I do mine, does she?” The mother said so sorry, he has autism and just says things.

My immediate reaction was there’s no need to apologize or explain; the beauty of our America is our diversity.

I recently spoke with a chapter volunteer leader who’s willing to give it a try but about ready to throw it all in. Do you want to know why? Well it seems that the bar for getting on the chapter leadership is how many years you’ve put in not performance. When she looks around the table, she sees low performance and hears all about how there’s this issue and that issue.

Two years ago, I spoke with a fellow committee volunteer who was being tapped for re-appointment and the response: “no, thanks … we don’t do anything, just sit around, and then get applauded.”

Start Something.

Start a conversation … with a colleague, a member, a

Start a journal … use Word or OneNote or Evernote or
blogging platform

Start to follow … someone different on Twitter or Instagram
or Pinterest

Start to tweet … maybe start with Twitter Tips for

Let’s tell the truth about volunteers. We know through research and practice that volunteering is changing but even the trends toward micro and virtual volunteering don’t change many truths.

Let us spread the word: thank-you. For when we do, we show appreciation,
caring, empathy, love and kindness. And so Peter, Carol and I say

Psst – wondering if the hypen is right? Check Grammar Girl.

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