Vacation is upon us but we can’t neglect our promise to bring you our monthly Top 20 lists! This month, we’re focusing on 20 volunteer stats collected from a variety of sources. Read on!

Why should you volunteer? After all, who has the time in this busy world to take on one more responsibility? But before you think about volunteer as a time-draining activity with little benefit, check out these 20 reasons!

Here’s our May “Top 20”! This time we’ve culled 20 top Micro & Ad hoc Volunteer Roles from our inventory of ideas. These are volunteer opportunities that are focused, short term, and often quick.

One of our favorite things we’ve done in the past was a series of posts on volunteer truths where we listed a series of truths that never change in how our volunteers think and work! In honor of our 20th anniversary, here are the top 20 (we have a full list of 30)! 1. A […]

National Volunteer Week (April 17 – 23) is coming up fast and to get prepped, we sat down on March 23 with CRPs to share ideas on how to show our volunteers the love … not just during #NVW, but all throughout the year.

This idea swap is chocked full of ideas and inspiration on how to show your volunteers some love during #NVW and all year long.

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