Super excited that Billhighway and Mariner are teaming up to bring two in-person workshops this October aimed at helping our chapters be all they can be in ’23.  I’ve been a CRP (components relations professional) for some 30 years. I began working with affiliated associations (read independent chapters), then with user groups (fully dependent), and […]

Chapters (by any name for your geographic components) create vital links for members. How can your association create vital links with these chapters/components? That’s a question association execs are asking so we’re inviting all interested to sit around the table and explore effective practices for 2023 at two in-person workshops on October 11 and 13, […]

2022 was a big year for moving forward with “the new normal,” but are you ready to take your chapters to the next level in 2023? How will you make your volunteers’ lives easier? What tools can you use to better support chapter leaders?

August is almost over but no fear … here’s our Top 20 List for this month. This time we pulled from posts, webinars, white papers and more to find 20 things that you can do to help your chapters – and your volunteers – succeed!

Communication is one of the critical success factors for any organization. However, managing communications with your chapters involves many aspects and audiences that may become overwhelming.

Vacation is upon us but we can’t neglect our promise to bring you our monthly Top 20 lists! This month, we’re focusing on 20 volunteer stats collected from a variety of sources. Read on!

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