A message from middle school

A few days ago I tweeted “My 8th grader had a project due in PREZI! Ahhhh to be a kid again!” And I meant it. If we can ever look past ‘how our younger members work differently” and ‘how I am comfortable working this way’ and celebrate the revolution of the new technology and the doors it opens and – this is most important – how as kids we embraced all the cool new things that our parents didn’t quite understand, we’d get where we want to be.

Noone likes to be stuck in a rut. We don’t enjoy being hamstrung by tight budgets and difficult times. Yet we perpetuate that in our thinking.

I’m working with a couple of associations right now on major change initiatives. Many of the (baby boomer) leaders are stuck in a rut. They play the same songs in their heads. They chant the same complaints. They are having difficulty being like a young person embracing all the cool new things that their parents didn’t quite understand (or like!).

I’m working on some imaging projects to help these individuals embrace their younger counterpart. Imagine how you feel when you put on a new outfit. It lifts your spirits. You feel new. Imagine how you feel when you buy a new car and you drive past someone in a clunker. You can go faster, in more style. You can make a call pushing buttons on your steering wheel and talking into an invisible microphone.

Do these work? What do you think? How can we help people embrace the “prezi”? How can we ourselves embrace the new?