Association Volunteers! Fan Page Launched

Association Volunteers! Facebook Fan Page is launched and you’re invited to join in the conversation.

What is this? An effort to highlight the energy, enthusiasm and work of association volunteers. It’s a place to share our stories and celebrate our work. And it’s a place for those interested in volunteering for associations to chat and learn more.

Some estimates say association volunteers log in more than 200 million volunteer hours to communities each year. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg because we’re giving as many hours directly to our associations in

  • positions of governance
  • standards development
  • developing and administering professional certifications
  • workforce coaching and mentoring
  • writing and teaching and
  • so many other roles.

Yet all the volunteer service buzz rarely mentions the work we do in our associations. Changing this is the why behind the effort … very simply – we want to celebrate association volunteers. In that celebration, we’re creating a vibrant network to support and grow association volunteerism.

What can you do? Become a Fan! Join in the discussions, share your story, share photos and thanks. And invite all your friends to become fans too.