Authentic, Caring (& Creative) Leadership

Let’s face it – being a leader of a group of members is tough. Doesn’t matter if we’re talking about chapter or a Special Interest Group or a virtual community. We’re all busy, busy, busy. Getting face-to-face is near impossible.

Enter KiKi L’Italien. She’s current chair for ASAE’s Component Relations Section Council.  A star. She got face-to-face in a virtual way by taping and posting a simple 5 minute YouTube video. Watch it. It’s sweet! In it she shares who she is, what the council is, what they are planning and how you can get involved.

She posted this on Facebook, Twitter and ASAE’s component listserv. The listserv is actually in many ways the council’s home base. So in this posting of the video link, KiKi also summarizes the council’s project plans. And of course she closed with “Think we missed the mark? Think you’d like to help?”

But she did one more thing that was genius … she copied the other section council members (her “committee”) on the message and added within the posting the note that they were copied and to feel free to contact any of them (or her) with questions and comments.

What happened next was very cool.

Hey KiKi- I just watched the video and loved it. Plus you looked fabulous of course! I do hope that spurs some interest and more volunteers amongst CRPs and I will be on the call tomorrow. I would like to learn to film some basic you tube videos for our section leaders and plan to forward your link as sample to my web content staff for help getting this started. Thanks.


Brian Wiggins, SPE Sections Manager


A colleague & I were sitting at my desk watching it together (nice job, Kiki!) and going “Hmmm…”.  We have the constant struggle of how to capture the attention of our global audience of Member Society volunteers and paid staff, so this might be a viable option!



Chip and Brian were just two of the comments.

What I love about a leader like KiKi is that she cares about her members. And, she embraces authenticity and creativity. She puts herself out there – trying new things – and makes herself available. Plus she understands that people are in different places. So you’ll see her posting is three places and on the section’s e-letter.

Can we clone KiKi? Probably not. But we can use her as a model (and I’m sure she won’t mind!).