Chapter Benchmarking Unwrapped #2

The 2022 Association Chapter Benchmarking is here! The report, conducted by Billhighway and Mariner, is a data analysis derived from the perspectives of CEOs, CRPs (or association staff overseeing chapter operations), and chapter leaders, along with findings from CEO roundtables and focus groups. The report aimed to explore key questions and topics such as

  • How are chapters navigating the new normal?
  • What’s important to chapter leaders?
  • What’s important to association CEOs?
  • Are associations changing how they manage and relate to their chapters?
  • What support and services should we give our chapters?
  • How should we evaluate our chapters?
  • Are chapters still relevant?
  • How aligned are we to the standard practices for chapter membership, programming, requirements, and metrics?


During a 3-part virtual workshop in January, Peggy and Peter, along with co-host Billhighway, revealed what the data tells and how we can use lessons learned as we prepare for the future.

*Listen into all three and download the report here.

Day One: How Associations View Chapters looked at chapters from the perspective of CEOs, CRPs, and Chapter Leaders, and offered insight into the valuable lessons learned from the data.

Day 2: Using Dashboards to Tell the Chapter Story continued the conversation, delving into the 3 deserts the data uncovered and a possible response: a future-focused dashboard.

Day 3: Creating a Compelling Chapter Story asked how we can use the data to tell stories that can create a shared vision of chapter value across your organization and celebrate volunteers. Bonus: the right story helps build the volunteer pool, muscle and membership through member engagement.