Chapters and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion [Idea Swap]

We at Mariner have collectively and individually meditated on how we could be part of the change so needed to defeat systemic racism and truly live the words Black Lives Matter. We’ve walked alongside our management client boards as they take action. We are taking personal actions as well. And, we have chosen to be one of the conversation catalysts for the Association Chapter/Components sector on this issue. As part of that, we are hosting a June 29 Virtual Idea Swap to explore how chapters can act.

As most national/global associations posted letters in support of Black Lives Matter and linked to D&I statements and committees, their respective chapters wondered with less clarity how to act. Yet, our chapters are truly on the front line of the protests and the conversations. How do we enable them to act? How do we guide them? How do we support them? How do our HQ’s policies and actions include chapters?

Bring your stories, questions and concerns to the group on Monday, June 29 at 2pm ET. We welcome you to join us in this first conversation to lay out options and a course for true action. As always the conversation is open, the cost is only your time, and the goal is community.

Please register to get a link and join us at 2pm ET on Monday.

It’s a starting place, not the finish line by far. #leveragechapters #powerofa #BlackLivesMatter