Chapters and Virtual White boards

Lisa Junker posted an interesting piece as a lead-in to a series on learning and the future of learning in associations in which she shared an evocative story from her son’s school. It’s about a whiteboard in the teachers’ lounge in which a question is asked and teachers and apparently other passersby write in their ideas. The question – and obviously the answers – change.

She shared the latest question she saw “what have your students learned this year” and then changed it to ask us “what have you learned so far this year? Or, to flip it around, what have you tried to teach others this year?” Take a look at the post for the full story and interesting comments.

It got me thinking about my chapter leaders and how the whiteboard might help them share ideas, stay focused, plan the month, get to know each other. We don’t have a “leaders’ lounge” so I create one with Virtual White Board. I posted a question, invited a couple of people to respond. It was easy and fun. Of course we’re just in the testing stages and maybe it’s the novelty that makes it attractive. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

Of course the other way of creating a virtual white board is simply starting a post and asking for comments. So like Lisa did, I’ll post my question here: What makes your chapter tick? Jot your answer below!