From the Past: 20 Posts That Still Resonate

Yes, you heard it – or in case you didn’t – Mariner turned 20 this year! That’s right … Mariner set sail in January 2002 with a belief that there was a better way to support chapters and chapter volunteers. In the course of those 20 years, this simple belief has allowed us to work with 250 organizations, forge new paths in how we think about, support and develop chapters and association volunteers, and connect with thousands of association pros around the globe.

It’s been an incredible journey – which is not ending. We’ve got wind in our sails and ideas to explore.

So, in celebration of 20 years at the helm, we’ll be sharing a series of posts that are chocked full of tips, info and fun facts that you can then share with your volunteer leaders throughout your association and chapters. At the close of 2022, we’ll compile the lists of these “20 Tidbits” to share with you in one fun package.

The first one comes from our archives where we reached back to search for 20 of our favorite blog posts (boy, that was hard to choose!) that we believe still hold true today. Without further ado, here are our top 20 blog posts …

*Note: you may encounter broken links within older posts – please forgive us!

On Volunteers:

5 Truths to Leverage to Build Volunteerism (2018) – 5 truths that debunk the notion that “no one wants to volunteer.”

Ditch the Ladder – Embrace the Continuum (2016) – Today’s volunteers want flexibility and organizations are responding by re-imagining their volunteer programs. *Even more true in 2022!

Dear Gentle Friend … (2013) – It all starts with an ask but is anyone listening?

A Volunteer Call That Scores (2012) – One volunteer seeks to pass the baton.

E-Harmony for Volunteers  (2012) – The “trick” to building your volunteer base is matching members to the right job. *Still true!

On Association Management:

Is it time to clean up? (2016) – Does your governance structure serve the member or the association?

Can the 3Rs get your association back on track? (2016) – Taking lessons from the recycling world to get your association back on track.

The Stain of Dirty Data (2013) – Is bad data management is hurting your organization.

Stop Measuring your Chapters’ Activity (2012) – Checklists have little to do with outcomes, i.e., service to members.

Down with Committees (2012) – Committee structure, for the sake of having committees, doesn’t work so start a new tradition.

An Association Exec’s True Confession (2012) – Questioning the relevance of committees can be the beginning of a new volunteer model.

Girl Scouts Teaches Us a Few Lessons (2013) – What can we learn (or have we learned) from the GSA’s move to recreate itself?

On Membership:

What I Learned about Teams, I Learned on a Bike (2012) – Lessons learned, lessons applied.

5 Types of Members Every Association Needs (2013) – From comic relief, life coach, risk-taker, challenger to loyalist … a variety of personalities that make your association tick.

What Associations Can Learn From Liz Claiborne (2013) – There’s a value in engaging the customer (i.e., members) over an extended period of time.

On Chapters:

 Conversations to Listen To … (2013) – Are you listening effectively?

It’s about good old communications (2020) – 5 CRPs on building partnerships with chapters.

Chapter Struggling? Here’s a thought … (2012) – How to view membership as not dues-paying customers but as a living community.

The New Competition for our Association Chapters (2012) – How can we re-imagine our local meetups?

Lake-Side Thoughts: A Perfect Chapter Awards Model (2012) – Lessons from real life.

And because we have to tout this accomplishment, here’s a bonus!

Peggy Hoffman selected for ASAE’s 2018 Class of Fellows




Looking forward to sharing more over the coming months! Stay tuned!