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Ten years ago we started a journey with a national association seeking to modernize its chapters. Moving from chapters to regional coordinating bodies supported through HQ services, including accounting and finance, data/tech support, and communications, led to increased activity, revitalized groups and involvement of nextgen. Notice the word modernize versus fix. What made this group […]

What do they have in common? They are three important “deserts” that the latest Benchmarking report from Mariner Management and Billhighway cites as common obstacles that chapters must navigate on their path to success.

What do you get when you put Peggy and Peter in from of a Zoom camera? A CRP fest across three afternoons. The 3-part online event, co-hosted by Billhighway and Mariner, was the launchpad for the 2022 Chapter Performance & Benchmarking Report, a data analysis derived from surveys sent to CEOs, CRPs (or association staff […]

Creating a Compelling Chapter Story

Using Dashboards to Tell the Chapter Story

How Associations View Chapters

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