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Association chapters need volunteers. That’s a given. Getting those volunteers is not so much a given. This webinar walks through how to build volunteer muscle in your chapter.

The old model doesn’t fit – yet associations are cligging to what they
know. Explore the new volunteer model and you find answers to drive
member engagement.

2010 was an exciting year for Mariner as we criss-crossed the country talking with association volunteers, leaders and staffs about the new models and new opportunities. I often referred to a favorite movie of mine “Back To The Future” because like that story, associations have an opportunity to reach into our past to prepare our future.

What makes Association Chapter events rock? Find out in this slide deck! Rock Star Meetings! View more PowerPoint from Mariner Management / Peggy Hoffman

Mariner Management and Whorton Marketing & Research conducted a 2006 study to examine the ROI of components by measuring the actual experience of members. Four associations, profiled below, participated in the study with each providing a cell of 2,000 randomly selected members to be surveyed.

In January 2002, Peter and I, on something of a whim, opened Mariner Management & Marketing. We had just both left our “day jobs” (Peter as EVP and me as Membership & Marketing Director for a trade association) at the close of 2001. We had a vision to create a new model for supporting association chapters. In came out of a belief that chapters are a critical link in the member value equation that too often falls short.

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Mariner Management & Marketing is your partner in helping association volunteers and staff create the greatest possible value for your members and in ensuring the long term health and growth of your association.

Mariner Management & Marketing provides association management, volunteer coordinator and leadership development information for associations and non-profit organizations.