Random tips, a few ideas and maybe a helpful thought

  1. Breath deeply every day. I’m trying this and have to admit that I do feel better – instantly – when I breath in deeply and exhale slowly.
  2. Find a fun volunteer opportunity. Not one that you are *required* or *expected* to do. One that you just find enjoyable. I dance at church, at senior citizen homes …
  3. Subscribe to National Geographic and Popular Science. Then allow yourself to read the editions you want to and ignore the others.
  4. Most chapters will do about 25% of what you (lead organization) want.
  5. Best kitchen investment: Pampered Chef Citrus peeler. Removes the hesitation to eat fresh oranges and grapefruit.
  6. Have a “contact us” page. This year we have received a dozen awesome and unexpected contacts through this page including one yesterday from a long, lost best friend!
  7. Find a trainer with a sense of humor and great sense of self. (Yes, I can recommend one.)
  8. Shop insurance agents regularly. (Note: they don’t have a commitment loyalty.)
  9. Thank often but don’t expect – or need – thanks in return.
  10. Remember birthdays. 
  11. Best quote of 2011: “But if we smartened up sooner, we’d end up dumber” – read the research behind it- it’ll open your mind!
  12. There is a difference between governance and politics.
  13. Acknowledge others – thank you Seth for the blog inspiration!
  14. Mariner survived 10 years just by having a vision, working hard and believing.
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