While 2020 may have disrupted many chapters, prompting the question “are chapters worth the effort,” it also opened a door to a new way of thinking about chapter structures. This disruption, noted in an ASAE report on the aftermath of Covid, also uncovered several common themes that have profound effects on chapter successes: antiquated organizational […]

Here’s just an inkling of what we’ve accomplished in 2022 … aka our 20th anniversary! Check out our last post for a more detailed list.

We did it! We sailed through our 20th anniversary year with the wind at our back and open waters ahead. We decided to pause and reflect on what we’ve accomplished and it’s amazing!

From the minds and hearts of CRPs comes wisdom on being a superstar component professional. We asked association execs via LinkedIn, email and conversations for their advice, and here’s a sampling of what we heard.

Passing our 20th anniversary got us thinking about the meaning of 20. Along the way, we found examples of the power of 20. So here are a few to explore. Have fun!

The way you approach crisis management in your chapters depends on your established relationships. With this mind –take time to examine your relationship by pausing and focusing on where chapters stumbled in the past and how you be there to help avoid these pitfalls going forward.

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