Newsletters & Connections


Here are two posts worth the time to read (and it won’t take long) that will help chapters and associations address member communications …

What to put in your newsletter, a column by Andy Sernovitz (who you may know from “Word of Mouth Marketing”) in the SmartBlog On Social Media. In it, Andy offers his advice on what topics to cover and what not to bother adding.

Simple Touchpoints of Loyalty, a column by Chris Brogan. In this one, Chris notes that it’s easy to tip a good server above and beyond the 15% but seems more difficult to honor loyalty online. In his nine suggestions on how, take a look at #9 for one that resonates well for associations.

What I liked about both these posts is they offer ideas which are doable for a group of volunteers, like your chapter volunteers, yet not so simple that they aren’t powerful.

So read and pass-along …

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