Tap Chapters as a Member Engagement Channel


In this virtual workshop, we share how you can teach and resource your chapters to better engage members.

Are you meeting your members where they’re at in their career? Are your chapters? We know depending on the stage of their career, your members have different needs and wants. This virtual workshop will be a deep dive into what the data tells us on membership needs, loyalty and behavior. Tapping the data, let’s create a strategy you can share with your chapters to generate engagement and value based on their career stage. In this virtual workshop, we’ll find ways your chapters can better prepare volunteers to be the face of your association and engage the next big wave of individuals starting their careers or reinventing themselves.

In this workshop, we cover…

  • What you need to know to help your chapters meet their member needs based on their career stage.
  • Strategies you can use to tailor support for your chapter leaders based on their career stage.
  • How you can teach and resource your chapters to engage members.

Part of our ongoing series with Billhighway.

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