In the latest Chapter Benchmarking study (report to be released in fall 2019), associations indicate they do track chapter performance — and they struggle with how to share and use the data they collect. We can’t help chapters improve performance, if we don’t have the data to guide them. The purpose of a chapter dashboard […]

We have traveled around the country doing chapter leader workshops and can report that there are chapters succeeding in building volunteer engagement where other chapters struggle. What’s in their playbook? (1) Have a person or team who’s focused on building the volunteer pool. Call it your Director of Volunteering and Outreach, Director of Volunteer Services, […]

It started from nothing … just a Meetup group coupled with lots of outreach through LinkedIn. I’m talking about the CXPA Baltimore/Chesapeake Network. CXPA is the Customer Experience Professionals Association founded in 2011. As a young organization representing a young profession, you would expect them to do things a little differently.  Their un-chapters are one […]

In an attempt to help our chapters and components improve we often do sessions and load up portals with best practices. Tools, templates and case studies that tell our chapters “here is the way to do it for success.” Here at Mariner, we are fond of replacing “best” with “effective”. Maybe though we need to […]

Chapters can play a key role in membership and revenue growth for your association.  They can help you reach new audiences, provide community, and nail retention. And they can be valuable influencers.  Here are a few examples – from associations. We’re exploring these at a July 10 workshop. Expanding beyond your U.S. Base – Associations […]

The Corporation for National and Community Service report highlights a resounding 6% increase in volunteering over the previous year. The numbers are impressive: 30.3% of adult Americans volunteer at least once a year, 77.4 million Americans volunteered 6.9 billion hours, worth an estimated value of nearly $167 billion. Yes, this study looks at community volunteering. […]

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