In 2006, ASAE’s Component Section Council reached out to members to ask how they determined the ROI for their chapters. The results were mixed. That is to say, that hard numbers were rarely reported, but chapters were nonetheless credited with moving mission and members.

What makes us different than any other organization is our members!

What makes us successful is engaging those members!

Activate an adhocracy to meet your member-volunteer needs. The why is clear as ASAE’s Decision To Volunteer
and many other surveys tell us volunteers are looking for smaller, less
time-intensive options and virtual jobs.This worksheet helps you
translate traditional roles into micro roles.

Elizabeth Engel and I shared insight from our white paper, the Mission Driven Volunteer is this webinar for Wild Apricot. Listen in …

An important key to your chapter’s success is cultivating volunteers and leaders. Perhaps the most important indicator for success is strong, enduring leadership. This is no easy task. Successful chapters are turning to a different model – one that focuses on developing a talent pool of members who are willing and able to assist on short-term and bite-sized volunteer opportunities.

“Coaching Skills for Leaders” panel discussion at American Association
for Diabetes Educator’s Leadership Forum 2014,
led by Peggy Hoffman, along with participants from the Member
Affiliates Council. This showcases a new format – based on the concept
of “The View” to help leaders share their stories. (Bonus – pick up tips on coaching!)

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