There are lots of questions when it comes to virtual chapters. Do they provide value? Are they successful? How can we make existing ones stronger? If these are questions you are facing with your chapters, you should watch this webinar! We cover volunteer roles, technology, membership models, financial banking and ultimately, answer the question: how […]

We want YOU to help make this webinar awesome! Come with your hard-hitting chapter questions, as this webinar will be conducted in a panel game style. We’ll be drawing inspiration from Around the Horn, the ESPN show hosted by Tony Reali and feature four chapter gurus coming from different perspectives who will weigh in on […]

Showing your chapters some love is a winning strategy for driving engagement at all levels of your organization. Why? Because chapters create the stickiest type of member interactions—local engagement. Join us to learn simple ways you can show your chapters some love and help address the often contentious National-chapter relationship woes.

From the member’s perspective, the line between “chapter” and National is blurred. Let’s look at how we can tap the opportunity this presents through a process designed to examine the member experience from their viewpoint. We’ll be working to walk through how to start mapping out your members’ experiences to find the overlap – the […]

In this webinar, you’ll learn how other CRPs are leveraging these chapter tech tools on the job and why they’re recommending them to their chapter leaders. Originally presented during our CRP-led session at CEX 2018, these chapter tech tools and uses come straight from other CRPs, so we’re sure they can work for your association […]

Hear how your fellow component relations peers worked in groups to “hack” away at old processes and ways of handling their chapters and other components and see what innovative new structures, best practices, ideas, and solutions were presented.

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