Stop googling and start talking

I am as guilty as anyone these days when it comes to the customary New Year’s google search for the perfect diet/exercise plan that will transform my life.

So I chuckled when I came across a post in which the number one piece of advice was to stop googling for advice! Instead go see a nutritionist and/or personal trainer in person because no article can truly replace the value of the one-on-one conversation. (The irony is that the post went on to list several more tips, which were nothing earth shattering. But I still say kudos to the author for that one great piece of wisdom.)

Which of course brings me to the customary New Year’s resolution on improving your volunteer retention/engagement. My tip? Stop googling and start talking to your volunteers! And listen, really listen, to what they are saying. Because no one knows what you need to do to keep them coming back then the volunteers you are desperately trying to keep.

‘Nuf said.

p.s. that doesn’t mean you should stop reading altogether, especially our blog (hint… hint), just don’t forget to look up once in a while.