#Tech10 Switch to #UnTech10 Proves Value of Volunteers

Before the second snowstorm could hit, before ASAE had to cancel, a group of intrepid volunteers were working on Plan B for ASAE’s 2010 Technology Conference. This morning #UnTech10 was officially opened to association peeps at a cost you can’t beat (free). And it also proves a point from the  Decision to Volunteer study pointed out – if the goal is big, the purpose serves the larger group, and there’s flexibility in the how, the volunteer will rise to the occasion!

I don’t even know at this point who all gets the initial accolades, but I do know that SocialFish’s Maddie Grant and Lindy Dreyer along with great folks from ThePort (like Colleen Flynn), Omnipress and Avectra had a hand.

So basically, the unconference is a combo face-to-face/virtual experience on Thursday and all virtual on Friday. The onsite location is Renaissance Hotel, 999 9th St, NW, Washington, DC. Follow the convo at #UnTech10. Connect – and register if you can attend at the Thursday on-site conference on the un-official UnTech10 site.

Many thanks to these awesome volunteers!

How many associations would be wise and open enough to let member volunteers save the day? For that matter, how many associations create an atmosphere where members can become passionate, energized volunteers? Hats off to you ASAE!