Transform your component strategy

If you attended CEX2024 in Chicago or DC, you heard from several association pros who have taken the daring steps to initiate change within their organizations and the challenges they faced.

If you did attend – or even if you didn’t – here’s your chance to join in on a continuation of the conversation during our next Mariner / Billhighway FREE webinar on July 17 featuring 3-4 panelists who are driving change within their organizations and taking their chapters to the next level.

Find out what they changed, why they did it, and how they harnessed the power of change to drive meaningful progress as they share real-world examples of successful change initiatives including how they secured executive buy-in and leveraged changes within their associations to generate momentum.

This webinar is for anyone – and let’s admit it … that’s most of us! – who is facing challenges with their association components (chapters, SIGs, affiliates, sections, etc.).

Let’s turn those problems into exciting opportunities for your organization and your components!

Event Details:
What: Be Change Ready: Transform Your Component Strategy (webinar)
When: Wednesday, July 17 @ 12 p. m. ET