Volunteer Town Square

ASAE & The Center is beta-testing a brand new collaborative space – okay in lay-speak a private social media platform. As a member of a section council and volunteer I was invited into the new playground. Once inside I found the Volunteer Town Square! What a cool name for a space to find short-term volunteer jobs and to meet.

If you want to know more, be sure to check out the launch at ASAE 09 in Toronto (and of course over the airwaves too). But meanwhile, just think of how cool it would be for your volunteers to have a virtual town square to gather in … hmmm …

PS I’d be remiss in not acknowledging some of the creative minds behind the whole new playground including Maddie Grant, Lindy Dreyer, Reggie Henry, Priya Viswanathanand Jen Miller and team at SusQTech.