3 Words for 2012

Just love a challenge which is why I couldn’t resist Maddie Grant’s meme (see my reply) or rthe latest from  KiKi L’Italien / Shelly Alcorn’s. There is certainly a part of me that abhors all the resolutions and cute exercises to set a tone for the new year. Let’s face it how many really stick or are even remembered?

Last year after a series of disappointments and angst about all that’s happening in society (not to mention broken resolutions), I started a habit that I have found to be even more satisfying and – yes helpful. Each night as I lay my head on the pillow, I thank God for at least one thing. If I can only muster one, so be it.

While I will certainly continue that, I thought maybe, just maybe I should give this New Year rite a chance. Then I had fun reading Lowell  Aplebaum’ s, Nikki Jekse’s and Jay Daughtry’s posts and was convinced to try.  So I reset my Twitter wall with my public To Do List and offer here the 3 words I think I’ll live by…


There are three aspects to this: (1) pace myself, (2) pick up the pace and (3) pacing those distracters, work for change. Yes the third reference is a true use of pace; as a preposition it means “with the permission of; with deference to; to express polite or ironically polite disagreement”.  (As an aside, pace is also a company or herd of asses—Bk. of St. Albans, 1486 … hmmm)

Pace has applications to my personal and professional life. In order to be a better dancer and triathlete, I am relearning how to use my body (wow I never realized how wrong my running stride and push-up form was, and how underutilized my core was!). Professionally, I need to both slow down the pace (yep let’s just say no, negotiate more time) and speed up the pace. The former refers to that nagging procrastination!

Lastly, two top goals this year are to help association’s shift their volunteer model and rethink their community model and so do that I believe I have politely disagree with clients and some of my peers. I tend to back-down in public (my first preference is to avoid disagreement and confrontation.)


My goal (and yes I’m 3 for 3!) is to focus on breathing deeply. I am starting with several 60-sec deep breathing sessions a day. When I am frustrated with the kids, client, or the driver in front of me, I am mentally forcing myself to breathe.  And, with the help of my trainer Neghar Fonooni, I am learning the art and science of proper breathing in exercise. (Check out her blog for great ideas to Eat, Live & Be Happy.)

This goes beyond my personal space, as I hope to bring this concept to my work. My volunteers (in our four associations) need more opportunity to breathe in their jobs. I hope to help them do this through stronger support, employing technology and coaching.


Everyone has choices. My volunteers have the choice to serve or not. My presidents have the choice to lead or manage or do. My clients have many choices to change or maintain status quo. My sons have choices in school and with their friends. And I have choices every day. My goal this year is figure out how to make better choices, faster and without guilt, and to help those around me do the same. On this, I am open to suggestions!

Not sure how I’ll fare in the end, but with this being Leap Year at least I get one extra day to try. I know that I will accomplish #2 thanks to my token …

What are your words or rites to bring in the New Year?

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