Chapters appear to have a powerful impact on association membership levels.

Three Top Ways Chapters Contribute

Build Chapters

Satisfaction & Retention

Geographic components as a service provider to members – which in turn drives satisfaction and retention.


Geographic components as a contributor to larger organization – topping the list is support in marketing for meetings and events followed by aid in lobbying, certification support and serving as a farm team for national leadership.

Revenue Driver

Geographic components as a revenue driver – they are a channel for marketing membership, events, training, books, affinity programs and more.

Developing Chapters

Developing chapters as partners requires a chapter strategy that focuses on key metrics and provides meaningful support. It also requires looking beyond our traditional models to create new chapter structures that address our new generations, and leverage technology and the web.

Managing Chapters

Because we manage chapters in our day-to-day job, we understand the nuances in creating successful chapters. Draw on our experience to help you create a strategy that delivers.

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