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Most predictions put the use, and the reliance, on digital meetings and work as rapidly increasing. The good news then is the skills we are rapidly improving in this time of physical-distancing will be useful long after the virus’ hold on us has ended. One set of skills I know we’ll be using are those needed for creating effective virtual meetings and work. Let’s jump start those skills with a few resources.

I caught up with two media experts for a chat about a deep dive PRSA Maryland workshop on the Do’s & Don’ts of a TV Interview, which was held on September 28, 2018. Debra Schindler is currently the Regional Director of Media and Public Relations, MedStar Health; however, her career started in journalism. Debra launched […]

Why do associations want a mutually-beneficial volunteer relationship? According to ASAE Foundation study, volunteering increases retention and expands organizational capacity. Learn more at the Volunteers: The Air We Breathe session on Sunday, August 14 at 2pm. Peter Houstle, Kevin Whorton, Rick Grimm (NIGP) and Ann Turner (AALAS) join me to share the research and association stories.

In Carol Burnett’s immortal words, we’re so glad we had this time
together! And we look forward to more time in the company of friends and
colleagues in 2015! We have been so fortunate over the last dozen years to work with a multitude of people on very cool projects. In 2014, this meant:

To grow your chapter, you have to have a solid value proposition. This
webinar explores how to identify and then leverage your association’s
chapter’s value proposition.

Members who engage renew at higher levels and post higher Net Promoter
Scores which predict willingness to promote the association (think
member recruitment). This webinar focuses on how an association chapter
can build member engagement.

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