ASAE10 Hits – 5 Cool Links

Home again. Works awaits, but my mind is full of ideas, resources, tips and new friends’ names and faces. #ASAE10 hits a homerun.

Here are just five voices among the many from #ASAE10:

  1. Jeff Cobb: Score One for Learning 2.0 at ASAE Annual on how this conference embraces the informal community
  2. Lisa Junker: 3 Things the YAE Committee did differently on how volunteer leadership is changing (woot!)
  3. Jeff Hurt: 18 Questions To Ask Your Members About Mobile proofing that annual offered the mix of immediate actionable items along with visionary, soft stuff
  4. Jessica Sidman: Dream On on doing things differently from recaps of the presentation by 1-800-GOT-JUNK? entrepreneur Cameron Herold and the Risky Chapters session (with our very own Peter!)
  5. Shannon Otto: Sites from ASAE10 because sometimes pictures say it better than words.

You can of course hear lots more voices by following the #asae10 hashtag and checking out the Annual Meeting Hub.