Connecting the dots

I read a lot of blogs that have nothing to do with associations – at least on the surface. Here are a few postings though where underneath it all there are messages for associations too:

  • A Small Change – Measuring the unmeasurable: selling donors – or members – without facts and figures … particularly liked the idea of “generalized” client stories of what a life could be like.
  • Happiness Project 10 Tips: yep just what the doctor ordered a checklist on how to get happy … but look again at #1. Don’t start with profundities. How many times do we force our chapters to focus on the deep, the complicated, the lengthy rather than the basics?
  • @jtcobb continuing to spend time on Social Media Classroom. The community is growing. – This tweet caught my eye and visit to the classroom drew a light bulb about how we might draw in our members to develop collaborative – and far-reaching – projects.
  • What’s Next Blog My Social Media Secret: Just love secrets don’t you? Well here’s one that’s worth letting out … especially to our members, staff and bosses who don’t get it.
  • Social Fishing – Tweaking Email Settings: this is all about tweaking your own email preferences but in what ways to help our members tweak their connections with us?

What are you reading and connecting?