Finding inspiration … and a little fun

By Carol Blattau

I recently thumbed (or scrolled) through some old posts and the first thing that struck me was how much fun I seemed to be having back then. After all, at the time, I was finding a lot of inspiration from writers and grammarians (I know, it’s a sickness), and having a great time applying that inspiration to our work with associations.

This got me questioning whether I have been getting too serious lately? In other words, am I not having as much fun writing? To answer the second question, of course, I’m still having fun! The answer to the first question is … I hope not!

But I do wonder if anyone else feels the same way. Or maybe, it’s just we’re having trouble finding that inspiration that once propelled us forward? Again … I hope not!

Back to those old posts: Here are two that I particularly like and wanted to share with you. Both are short and sweet, and I hope you get some enjoyment – and maybe a little bit of inspiration – out of one or maybe both.

Get Noticed – Have some fun (2014/04/25) gives a nod to poetic license, which on the surface doesn’t seem to apply. But it really is about finding “that twist that will attract attention and create buzz.”

Go ahead … split that infinitive (2015/04/27) also urges you to go bold, to take the leap, and add that zing! In other words, don’t be a prisoner of formality.

Where do you find your inspiration?

Finally, be sure to check out Peggy’s personal reflection on unlocking a wave of potential, and Peter’s on the super power of the association person!

p.s. I’ll end with a great quote from our own Peter Houstle:

p.p.s. We did have a lot of fun in 2022 bringing our monthly Top 20 Lists where we shared tips, info and fun facts throughout the year. Check out the final post offering words of wisdom from superstar CRPs, which includes links to all the posts.

*Featured Photo by Lidya Nada on Unsplash