From a Social Media Newbie

Now that I have officially graduated from college, it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty and start focusing on what’s happening in the “real world”—internet-wise, that is. Yes, I mean Social Media.

But you just came from college? Why haven’t you been on social media? I can see you scratching your head, completely confused about my naivety in this world of online networking.  My answer lies somewhere between the writing workshops, essays, and stacks of literature I’ve read over the years that have left me little time—or stamina—to  sit down long enough to figure it all out. Sure I’ve been a bit active on Facebook, and I do have LinkedIn and Twitter accounts, but professionally, my social media life is a mess.

So a few weeks back, while finally working on my LinkedIn profile, and just when I got brave enough to look at my practically non-existent Twitter account, I found a re-tweet from Peggy Hoffman on the 10 Must-Learn Lessons for Twitter Newbies. I’m sure she was thinking of me when she tweeted this. Thanks Peggy!

This raises some questions…do we always assume that our vounteer leaders know how to use social media effectively for their associations? And if they don’t, do we make them comfortable enough to ask for the information by not passing judgement? Peggy may smile when I ask questions, but she’s always ready to provide me the answers I need.

Guess it’s time I get reading—or should I say…tweeting?

Need to learn more about social media? Then join me on November 3, 2011 for the PRSA-MD Mid-Atlantic Chesapeake Conference. Details and registration coming soon at