Its Small Staff Appreciation Month

Small Staff Appreciation Month starts today! (BTW, so does Breast Cancer Awareness Month!) As a small staff organization which also serves as a small staff operation for 5 small associations, we obviously love this month.  As a small organization, we operate quite differently. Probably most noticeable is our price sensitivity. We have to make the dollar go as far as possible.

Less – but should be way more – noticeable is our focus on volunteers. We know that our staff pool is ¼ paid and ¾ volunteer. We know and appreciate the importance of engaging volunteers. We know and act on the importance of empowering volunteers.

Admittedly it’s easier for small organization these days. Technology – at all price points – is readily available. Technology puts power in the hands of small organizations. Unfortunately, too many don’t know what to do with the power, but I am confident that will change.  It will change in part because companies like this month’s sponsor, MemberClicks, will coach staff and volunteers. I hope also that it will change with ASAE’s help as they focus on the needs – educational and financial – of small organizations.  

And I trust that this month, set aside to celebrate all that small staff’s accomplish, will also help shine the light on our needs and that will change lots of things for small staff organizations!