Lake-side thoughts: Reading about Writing

Day 23 … I’m always trying to sharpen my skills and much of the time I do that by reading. Take writing for example. I love to write. I started this blog in part for that reason. I just finished an article for the August issue of Association’s Now. And, I’m working diligently on a number of white papers. As much as I love to write, reading about writing is in some ways more fun. One of my favorite sources on the subject is Write to Done: unmissable articles on writing.

The latest article I read was How To Make One Story into Many By Being Multimedia Savvy. The premise is that we don’t have to rue the demise of print as limiting our writing outlets. I love this advice: “Try to adjust your self-image, you’re no longer just a writer, you’re a multimedia producer. You produce, you create, not just words on the page, but images, sounds, stories.” Drew Tewksbury goes on to give five examples of how to accomplish this.

Some other great articles on this blog are:

Well back to reading …

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