#NVW2015 Keep the thanks coming

This week to mark #NVW2015, we have enjoyed pointing out the reasons we appreciate and thank our volunteers.  I also had the wonderful opportunity to present with Elizabeth Engel a webinar on volunteer appreciation for the Higher Logic Learning Series this week. You can check out the webinar here.

As part of it we asked attendees to weigh in on how they thank volunteers and here are a couple of their ideas:

  • On a regular basis, we send movie tickets and popcorn to volunteers. Outstanding volunteers will get a logo’d shirt at some point in the year. Board of Directors get special gifts and recognition. We also recognize our volunteers at our annual meeting in May. – Nikki Dillon
  • Give them meaningful work (to them and the organization). Recognize them on our largest platform possible (Friday Awards Banquet at the National Conference). – Khánh Vũ
  • This year we will add volunteer badges to all members profile pages to show their years of volunteering. – Stephanie M. Moore
  • We thank the members of our Executive Committee and other committees each year with tangible gifts, like nice pens with our logo, portfolios, pocketknives, things like that. – Karen Maline

Next year’s NVW is April 10-16, 2016. Mark the date now! And bookmark the official #NVW
for details.