In our April salute to National Volunteer Week, we talked about using this time to reassess your volunteer training by considering flipping your training programs from a global “here’s what you need” to one that begins with the learner’s needs.

Organizations of ALL types – for-profit and tax-exempt, national headquarters and chapters – have been talking about digital transformation for many years, yet association efforts continue to lag.

Benchmarking is a powerful tool in helping you – and your volunteer leaders – assess where your chapters are in terms of what’s working and what’s not working. Its power is two-fold.

We all know that our chapters do a lot of stuff, but is what they are doing effective? Are they moving the mission through their efforts or are they just checking all the boxes to satisfy the organizational metrics?

Ask yourself a question: When measuring your chapters’ performance, do you count things that reflect meaningful “effectiveness”?

Tax Day has come and gone once again, and we hope your chapters came through relatively unscathed. After all, it’s been a tough year and a half, especially for our volunteers who have dealt with unusual challenges.

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