Rethinking your blog

One of our clients is in the process of revamping its website. During this process, they also need to be re-thinking their communication and content strategies including their blog. So when I came upon Social Media Examiner‘s  5 Tips to Becoming a Top Blog in Your Industry, I jumped right in eager to see what Examiner had to say.

Here are 5 quick tips—and one great piece of advice—for getting your blog the attention it deserves. (My thoughts are in itals).

  1. Survey the interest of your audience. (Our client surveys for the monthly programs and annual conference. Why not for blog content as well?)
  2. Spin hot topics into many posts. (Offer fresh voices and insights on topics. See #3 for one way to do this.)
  3. Leverage the power of multiple authors. (Use guest bloggers especially for #2. Gives your blog more credibility not to mention fresh ideas. Many associations have a number of members with a lot to offer so why not use them if possible).
  4. Integrate social sharing (Don’t believe in the “build it and they will come” theory. It doesn’t work. Side note: I had this argument my last semester of college. See Do you have an on-line discussion forum but nobody comes?)
  5. Capture Emails (Create an email sign-up so that once they are there you have a way to keep them there.)

And Social Media Examiner’s top advice: Rethink what it means to blog. In other words, treat it as a magazine, not as a blog. Become a publisher.

Any thoughts?