Student Volunteering Breaks Records

There’s no truth to the statement that the next generation isn’t developing their own tradition of volunteering. One group of students from 526 SUNY Potsdam have made their mark by putting in with more than 1,490 hours – an astounding 62 days – of volunteer service as part of the Office of Experiential Education’s Make A Difference Week. SUNY reported this was an increase of 16 percent in student volunteers and a 70 percent increase in volunteer hours over last year.

These students aren’t an anomaly. According to my Google Alerts which averages 24.4 reports each day on volunteering, young people and students around the world are putting in the hours.

The tradition of volunteering continues with each generation – if you want them in your association you just have tap into their new traditions which are characteristically group activities; one-time, make-a-huge-impact tasks; and events that encourage meeting new people and forging important networking contacts.

Great to see the tradition alive and well!