We need someone now!

The headline read “Faith Hill Joins Oscars Lineup at Moment’s Notice.” This happened at the 2000 Oscars when Whitney Houston cancelled due to illness and country icon Faith Hill stepped in at the last minute. I remember that broadcast because regardless of the last minute rehearsals, Faith Hill performed flawlessly, proving that she is the epitome of the professional performer.

Why bring this up? Because just last week, we had a similar experience with one of our association clients. The awards reception was just a day away when our president had an emergency and was unable to attend. We quickly put out a plea to another association volunteer asking her to step in as a presenter. She willingly accepted, getting the script just hours before the event, and like Faith Hill, came ready to contribute. That night, she showed that she is also the epitome of a true professional…and one dedicated association volunteer.

 Kudos to all volunteers who step up to the plate when it is most needed!