Where’s the time gone?

I said yes. Again. Yes, I would accept the volunteer position and teach the 7th grade religious class for the next 32 Mondays.

I said yes, I would write the article and submit by Monday. I said yes, I would write the blog post (well actually I promised a series). I said sure, I’ll handle the promo for the event coming in November. Then, my client needed a few additional items done that weren’t in my contract. But they needed help and the volunteer couldn’t, so I subbed. Then, the gym set a goal to raise $350 for St Jude Children’s Research Hospital and needed a spin teacher to cover a class to which I said – yes. The mother’s group at Mt. St. Joe stopped me on Back to School Night – join and get involved they said. I said no. The same video played at Meade Middle where I said, take my money but no I’m not available.

So why did I say no to the school and way too many yeses before that?

The other curious thing is why I said yes to so many opportunities.

Well according to ASAE & The Center’s Decision To Volunteer, at least I’m not too odd on the number of yesses. Association volunteers are more likely to volunteer for 2 or 3 organizations (50% of us) vs 1 organization for community volunteers. Plus, we give more hours.

So, I am proof that the DTV findings are real.

But still why did I, a mom, said no to the school but yes to the gym and to the dance group? The bottom line is that I am volunteering where I have control, where I know I will be with people most like me, where I know that I will not be “swimming upstream” as much, and where I know I can have impact. A Mother’s Group that raises funds, a PTA that has endless, pointless meetings, are not interesting to me.

Plus I noticed that I’m more of “go to” person. When there’s no one to do a specific job, you can twist my arm. When I have a specific skill that you need, you can ask me.

So where has the time gone? To volunteering. Again. And you know, it’s okay.