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The volunteer of yesterday is different than the one of today who will be different in the future. To be successful in engaging members as volunteers, we have to match our volunteer programs to our volunteers’ aspirations and interests.

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Leaders are neither born nor made. More precisely the recipe includes a little of the right DNA, a choice made, and effective nurturing. Associations can have an impact on the latter two with great results.

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Chapters appear to have a powerful impact on association membership levels. Developing chapters as partners requires a chapter strategy that focuses on key metrics and provides meaningful support.

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Associations need not cede their place as home for professional community if we place member collaboration and engagement as a priority, seek new models and invest in developing volunteers to lead us.

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We say “manage” but it more closely resembles conducting. We see our role as a conductor to bring the best out of each of the volunteer leaders.


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Innovation & Chapters: CEX 2017

  • What if began the conversation on chapters with “how do members want to engage locally”?
  • What if we replaced "volunteering" with "engaging" and "member" with "citizen"?
  • What if we evolved traditional chapters into flexible local networking groups?
  • What if we replaced chapter boards with project teams and morphed full-time volunteer positions into ad-hoc jobs?
  • What if we applied just-in-time concepts to volunteer training and support?

Join us October 13th for a day of dialog where we’ll dive into these questions and more. No one of us has THE answer because there are many viable answers when we start with open questions. That’s why Mariner and Billhighway have teamed up to host the day for you to talk, share, ideate and solve. CEX: Association Component Exchange 2017 takes place October 13 in Arlington, VA.

The forum (a word we use intentionally) will open with a look at the future of chapters from two innovative associations and close with a conversation on dashboards and metrics based on collaborate effort in the profession to build a framework for success. In between, we’ll have 3 ideation sessions on key topics about developing chapters, developing chapter leaders and technology. A bonus session gives each of you an opportunity to get advice on a burning question.

One day. Just chapters. Your peers. #AssnCEX2017 #LeverageChapters.

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